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What is Organic 

Click on one of the videos below to find out!

Organic DJ Lyndsay.jpg

"Few would argue that the last 2 years have been.... Unexpected.

The clubs have closed and parties have been cancelled. But it's important to use this time to take stock of ourselves, to 'get back to nature' and for me, to remain creative. 

I've used this time to explore the natural world. Using a combination of new cutting edge technology, I've developed a new way of DJing and drumming on everyday objects by turning them into musical instruments.

There's been a lot of trail and error, but this is a way of performing that is fully interactive and turns anything - from flowers and fruit to paintings and planes - into musical instruments and DJ decks. And with it happening organically, it turns out this perfectly matches my skills as a DJ Percussionist. (Although nowadays I'm more likely to be playing bananas than bongos!)

There's so many possibilities for this new type of performance and here are just a few ideas. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Probably the best way to describe this is to watch one of the videos below....
Enjoy, and stay safe."
DJ Lyndsay